Who is Thommo Tyres?

Steve and Helen Thompson are the passionate owners and operators at Thommo Tyres. Backed by their professional team, they have a combined experience in the tyre industry of more than 50 years and have an extensive knowledge about tyres and wheel maintenance. They are ready to get your car looking “tickety boo”.


Steve Thompson

Owner & Operator

Originally from Hull, Yorkshire in England, Thommo moved to Mackay in the late 70’s after visiting on holidays where he began working for Dunlop IBC. It seems tyres really are his life!

Best advice given to you: Treat people like you would like to be treated.

Favourite hobby: Anything cars and bikes!

Favourite car: I’ve got a few but my all-time favourite would be the Thommo ute.

Fun fact: I met Helen online – true love really can be found on the internet!

Helen Thompson

Owner & Operator

This Scottish lass from Lochee immigrated with her parents to Taralgon, Victoria. Helen eventually moved to Merimbula in NSW where she met the love of her life, Steve, in 1998. They have worked together for the last 16 years and love it.

Favourite hobby: Anything I can do with Steve.

Favourite car: An Audi A6 but my 12-month-old Honda Civic would be a close second.

Fun fact: We love to travel – Australia or overseas, it doesn’t matter, as long as we can do it together.